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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  July 20, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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lands on the moon. a good day, not a great day weather wise. we have some showers possible today. clouds are moving in from the south along with a few showers. the ar in chri ndarmoea an may come up to fredericksburg in the next little while. temperature-wise it is not as cool as it has been thanks to th cover and added humidity. readings in the 50s in winchester and oakland. 71 in town. 60s from culpeper and baltimore. looking at the day at a glance. temperatures topping off in the low 80s with a chance of a passing shower or two. angie goff, good morning. >> hey, how are you doing, howard? thank you very much. it is a new hour. thanks for joining us. hope you had a wonderful weekend. we have new tieups on the beltway on the outer loop at route 50 in maryland. watch out for crews. moving the shot outside and show you a jammed 270 southbound. pretty much you are like this from 121 to the germantown area.
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we know that we have construction a little early on that started this backup early an accident at father hurley. all of that is pushed to the right shoulder but still dealing with the remnants of this. using 270 driving through this area, factor in extra minutes for the monday morning commute. in virginia 95 northbound the main delay. no surprise from the prince william parkway to lorton. 15 minutes and growing. to the inner loop. here's the map. from 95 to 66. some better news. drivers moving at a great pace and metro red line users, know you are going to expect delays until thursday morning rush and that's because we have investigators still investigating that accident from june 22nd near the fort totten station. that's the latest look aft the trains and traffic. now over to and california. that's one small step for man, one gain leap for man kind.
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on this date 40 years ago men walked on the moon for the first time today they are here in washington to be honored for their accomplishments. armando trull is live on the national mall with more on the story. >> reporter: the men who left the first ever footsteps on the sandy soil of the moon are here in town to celebrate their historic achievement of 40 years ago. 40 years ago man set foot on the moon and they spoke humbly about their role in that achievement. >> history is a sequence of lab come events and unpredictable choices. which is why the future is so difficult to foresee. >> reporter: those lucky enough to get tickets to last night's event at the smithsonian say they got a chance to be part of history. >> i figured this could be the last chance we will see the three apollo 11 astronauts together. >> reporter: the first men to
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stride on a celestial body, posted a question to the audience and the nation. >> america, do you still dream great dreams? do you still believe in yourself? are you ready for a great national challenge? >> reporter: that challenge, say the veterans, is for americans to also be the first to walk upon another planet. >> as celestial bodies go, the moon is not a particularly interesting place. but mars is. >> reporter: and andrea, when the apollo 11 crew meet with president obama at the white house later today they will be challenging the president to fund a manned mission to mars. live from the smithsonian, armando trull for 9 news now and i'm taking over for him. we looked -- >> the astronauts in space where dealing with a big issue a broken toilet.
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one of the two bathroom on the international space station broke down and flooded. probably not a pretty scene. two astronauts tried to fix a broken pump but couldn't do the job. nasa's advice, hang an out of order sign on the door. the shuttle wakeup call comes in 830 minutes. now this morning the crash of a fighter jet at the largest alternate base in southern afghanistan. the fighter jet went down a few hours ago. the crew did eject in time and should be okay. this is the second crash on the base in as many days. this morning the pentagon is condemning the release of video showing a captured u.s. soldier. private first class bowe bergdahl vanished three weeks ago. he was captured by the taliban in eastern afghanistan. in the 28-minute video bowe bergdahl says he is scared and he talks an his family in idaho. >> i have a very, very good family that i love back home in america.
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and i miss them every day when i'm gone. i miss them. and i'm afraid that i might never see them again. >> reporter: the pentagon says it is doing what it can to bring the private back safely but said it will not negotiate with the taliban. investigators in anne arundel county are trying to peace together clues in a serious crash. two cars collided last night along still meadows drive. ten people were hurt. a 22-year-old man suffered life- threatening injuries two others had serious injuries and four children were also hurt. you may soon be able to sip a glass of wine or cold beer in a loudoun county 0 local library. and they are considering allowing alcohol during special events and fund-raisers held in public parks. the prince william county library system and the howard county library system already sponsor events that serve beer and wine.
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in a special "living $mart" report, a burger battle here in washington. jessica doyle is here with the sizzling story. good morning. >> good morning, andrea. the food wars, right? in recent years we have seen certain foods inspiring cult- like followings and the latest trend to hit washington, gourmet burgers the cup cake craze is going strong with shops springing up all over. sex in the city kicked off the fad for women. >> it wasn't a crash. >> reporter: now a food trend for men. gourmet burger joints. even president obama is getting in on the action visiting hell burger in may. >> you guys are cheap dates, though. i couldn't believe i couldn't get more people to order a burger. >> reporter: now a local competitive, the couldn'ter with a burger about customization. >> you pick your protein and what toppings and cheeses and sauces you want. there's over a million possible
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combinations of picking your own burger. >> that's a lot of combinations. you can get a one pound patty. p. jeff headed to california to grow a big following for the counter on the west coast first. now he wants to do the same thing on the east coast. the first store opened in reston last week with more expansion plans soon. >> we looked at claire don't an bethesda and other markets but with are not certain. we plan to build several stores in this market overtime. >> it has a lot of competition from rays, five guys, zburger elevation burger and the like. the question is will washington have an appetite big enough for all of those burgers. >> the answer is probably yes. some estimates say the typical family of four consumes 120- pound of hamburger a year. it was delicious but it is about five inches high so you
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need a knife to get through that. >> i limb nate one of those rolls like that will save that many calories. >> you do what you can. this morning we note the passing of author frank mccourt. he is known for his best- selling book angela's ashes. he was diagnosed with meningitis a few weeks ago but died of melanoma in new york. he was 78 years old. monday, december 5th, 1977 this is walter cronkite, cbs news, good night. >> a memorial service will be held on thursday in new york for walter cronkite. the allege dare newsman died on friday. he was t # 92 years old. he spent 19 years as the anchor on cbs. after thursday's memorial he will be bier bury next to his late wife betsy. the two met in kansas city. our time ising aafter the hour. in ten minutes the new students out there, many old enough to
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have college kid of their own. and in three minutes the amazing response to our hero central story from last week. what viewers like you are saying. first a focus on weather and traffic. here's howard. a beautiful weekend but the clouds moved in and the humidity is inching up we will watch for a chance of showers lair on. as far as the temperatures are concerned not as cold. don't have the 50s widespread but 60s to low 70s. 71 annapolis. 73 southern maryland. hagertown 66. and frederick 61. hook looking at highs in the upper 80s with a chance of a shower or two. live shot of the outer loop 95 to georgia avenue. had a good amount of volume but though delays the next shot takes us downtown to silver spring. we are happy to report traffic is moving nicely. no incidents or accidents at
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this time. route 5 pennsylvania avenue and crane highway. this area remains an accident free zone the time is 6:09. good morning. you are watching 9 news now. we'll be right back. ment ime whee do determine our future. today we are communicating with each other as never before - and that requires a seamless network that is constantly growing better, smarter, and more secure. that's why our scientists and engineers in our labs, are taking the fastest technology in the world and making it mobile, better and faster - to keep pushing the internet further than anyone dreamed. last year alone we invested more in building america's future than any other company - improving and expanding our network, to keep you in control. and behind the scenes, that takes work by our employees, who pride themselves knowing, that because they do it right,
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you might not even notice. if all of that, makes your connections, faster and more secure... well, that's our business. at&t... your world... delivered. time for an update on the hero central project. you had an overwhelming response to a story you brought us last week. >> we brought it to you on friday. we had such a fantastic response. it was so exciting and we are talking about the girlfriends club. in case you missed it is a group of girlfriends in the washington area who are on a
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mission to stop seniors in nursing homes from feeling lonely. the way it works is volunteers are partnered with a girlfriend in the nursing home and visit them a few times a week, on holidays and just keep them company. the club was founded by former miss senior dc rc turner and she contacted me about the story because she needed help. the demand for more mentors was more than she could manage and she needed more volunteers. i have good news for the girlfriends on this monday morning. after our story aired on friday we received 30 e-mails from people all wanting to join the girlfriends club. here's one i want to share with you this morning. this is from and tone owe blare in forestville, maryland. she wrote -- i sent these e-
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mails to the founder of the club and she responded with -- we have quite a few new additions to the girlfriends club this morning and if you would like to nominate someone for heros segment i'd love hear about it. and i have to say it was so gratifying and nice to get that response and to see how much it would help r.c. and all of the girlfriends spread their mission. >> i envision girlfriends clubs sprouting all over the metro area and beyond helping seniors. great story. here's what is in the news now. the driver of a san francisco light rail car reportedly says he blacked out just before a crash. the chronicle newspaper reports witnesses say the driver appeared slumped over. 48 people were hurt in saturday's collision. wildfires force 11,000 people from their homes in
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british columbia. crews are using air tankers and helicopters to fight the blaze about four hours east of vancouver. and pope benedict xvi is back at work after breaking his wrist. the pontiff waved to the crowd, stylish cast and all during a prayer celebration on sunday in italy. it is 6:14. we say good morning to howard bernstein and it is starting to feel a little sticky outside. >> just a little sticky in spots. but we have seen the moisture and humidity around for the first half of the week. we will see the heat build for the second half of the week an that spells chances of rain, much-needed rain. it is awfully dry out there. barely any rain this month of july, .26 inches at national airport. don't quote but. i maybe off by a hundredth or two. 80 this afternoon. and think of information here we are july 20th and a only 80
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with temperatures not hitting 9 o. every day we get through it is one less day of not having to deal with big heat for the summertime. this morning mostly cloudy and humid. temperatures in the 60s and the 70s here shortly. some spots are already there with light winds. a few inen this valley in the 50s. mcincome with few showers this the afternoon. wouldn't be surprised to see a few folks stay in the upper 70s. tonight mostly cloudy and a chance of a shower with lows in the 60s. we have been watching this area of showers coming up 95 here just out of the north carolina in to southern virginia and few other scattered showers. witch over to doppler hd. south of fredericksburg to lake anna and louise is a west of richmond on 64 we are seeing showers move up. culpeper, warrenton it could hold together and get you. the time lapse, overnight because a lot of clouds out
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there. we have a few breaks in the overcast but generally a mostly cloudy sky this morning with temperature sitting at 70 degrees. an east northeast wind at 6 degrees and the dew point is above 0-degree mark. muggier than it has been. readings low 70s. leesburg is 70. although everybody else in the low 60s. man nasals 64. winchester is 57. nationally it has been hot in the southwest. phoenix 117 for several days now. in the east we have a trough here that is keeping things unsettled and the moisture will shoot up the east coast. more off shore than on shore but with low pressure riding up the coast we will have several chances of showers for the next few days. not an all-day rain. looks like any of these but a shower here and there. so keep the umbrellas handy. talk the seven-day forecast 82 today with a shower or two arm
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80. scattered showers and thunderstorms likely. wednesday an isolated thunderstorm and 86. better chance on thursday and friday and saturday we warm up over the wreck with more thunderstorms on sunday. good morning. >> just a reminder we are simulcasting live from my blog. come behind the scenes with me. go to and look for blog. 66 heading eastbound. we are moving at speed around the dulles road area but slow approaching the capital beltway. 395 we are below speed tracking the head lights from duke to seminary. using the brakes again crossing the 14 t street bridge. hey, maryland, 270 southbound a jammed road all morning starting from the 121 area to germantown. thanks to earlier construction an and accident at father hurley that's been pushed off the roadway. over to the maps we go.
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95 then the bw parkway no incidents or accidents toward 495 and to wrap it up here's inbound new york avenue. one delay sitting there from the washington times building to bladensburg road. you are okay approaching the third street tunnel. that's a quick look at traffic. over to you. more and more adults are going back to school these days. they are trying to retrain themselves for the new economic economy. we are joined by managing editor lauren ashburn. >> good morning. in the life section today our headline is trade schools serve new purpose in tough times. what we are finding is people in their 40s and 50s are going back to trade schools. normally where kids in their teens and early 20s would be and that's because they feel like the jobs are drying up in the auto market. they want to learn things like medical billing, surgical technician. they want to be a nurse. so they are going back to
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specific trade schools. community college enrollment is up. the enrollment is 2.2 million right now across the country and that's up from 1.8 million last year. >> is it hard to get in because so many in that and group want to go in but there are younger ones trying to get a leg up as well. >> not as hard to get in but class sizes are getting bigger and with the stimulus money, at least in tennessee, they are hoping the federal stimulus money will add 100 programs to their technical schools across the country. and, you know, for younger students, too, who are thinking of four-year colleges this is a much, much cheaper alternative and the american technical association said they are seeing spikes in enrollment in the trade schools and as we said in community colleges as well. >> my goodness, lauren, thank you for telling us the story. it is in the "usa today." right now our time is 6:20
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ahead drama at the british open. hear from the winner and the loser. all day we have been celebrating the 40th anniversary of the apollo moon landing. there have been 14 moon walks by six spacecrafts. when was man last on the moon? was it ' 72, ' 74 or ' 81? think you know the answer? find out if you are correct when coe bamming. and we're ready for it. because we took all our lists and we went to walmart. since walmart checks other store's prices... i didn't have to. that means we got home in time... for just a little more summer -- and for one last night of lightning bugs. back to school costs less at walmart. save money. live better. walmart.
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the answer is ' 72. they walked on the moon in mid december and they were part of the apollo 7 team crew. in sports the loser of the british open is the bigger story this morning. watson was
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the story all week long but he missed a shot and bogeyed. cink hit a short birdie putt and watson was left asking questions. >> obviously these courses there are no never any guarantees of par. it is such a difficult test and everybody had to take the test this week. and, you know, i'm proud to be here. >> it is disappointing and hard to take a lot of positives away from it, but positives were that at the beginning of the week i felt i had a chance to win the tournament. i knew i was playing well enough to win the tournament and it almost happened. >> reporter: all three have been won by golfers ranked outside of the top ten this year. the nationals wrapped up their series with the cubs on monday sunday. the cubs scored seven runs including a two run home run by soriano. the nats host the mets tonight.
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ahead the back and forth battle over a wal-mart in virginia takes a new twist. plus, more delays on metro following last month's crash. an update onb@the slow down for riders. >> speaking of crashes a new accident in virginia on 95 northbound at route 1 woodbridge more things that can slow you down early is up next. a cloudy morning out here. a couple of breaks. grab the umbrellas. i will explain why when 9 news now returns. when i get my period
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it's not just one thing it's everything. tylenol and advil don't do as much as pamprin. it's the everything in one pill. pamprin multi-symptom we are back at 6:29. the four-legged friends got a little luxury treatment over the weekend. it is part of a charity dog wash in north bethesda, maryland. the store dogtopia did the washing. proceeds went to the montgomery county police k-9 unit. thank you for starting your monday with us. howard is live on the weather terrace with the back to work forecast. >> good morning. it is more humid this morning than the last couple f mornings. clouds ancones subsequently the temperature is not as cool either. show you what is veppeng.we ha habeenwatching moisture e ofthf thcarolinas in to virginia some of that is
6:30 am
southwest of fredericksburg over to lake anna, louise, wilderness and may approach culpeper and warrenton in th xt . ur thwie th. cloud ver we have se wetemperur es in the 60s and 70s in spots. in the mountains 70 even. low 70s at nine. by noon could be a shower around then and a high in the lower 80s. again a shower or two possible. seven day forecast in 15. right now a traffic update. >> i lead yike -- i'd like to invite you to follow me on twitter at oh my goff is my name. in virginia at route 1 woodbridge we have crash activity adding to those delays that stretch from the prince william parkway to this point. a 12 to 15 minute commute to make it through that stretch of the drive. 395 northbound, man this is clearing out past the duke street area. we know drivers here are a
6:31 am
little low across the 14th street bridge. what's going on the maryland side of things. 270, this is a heavy ride from germantown and that is thanks to construction and previous accident. to wrap things up. here's 50 westbound. we are traveling and flying it from annapolis all the way do bowie to the inbound new york avenue. nothing but green cars. drivers are moving at speed. that's a quick look at traffic. now, over to you. >> that's one giant step for man, one giant leap for mankind. >> reporter: 40 years later the video is still amazing. it was july 20th, 1969, man first stepped foot on the moon and the men who made history are being honored all over town. armando trull is live outside of the air and space museum with the story. armando? >> reporter: those astronauts
6:32 am
are not only looking back to what happened 40 years ago but asking the nation to look forward to what they can find in space in the future. 40 years ago today, neil armstrong captured the world's imagination by being the first human to walk on the moon. last night at the smithsonian he recalled the competitive race for outer space between america and russia. >> it was intense, and it did allow both sides to take the high road, with the objectives of science and learning and exploration. >> eventually it provided a mechanism for engendering cooperation between former adversaries. >> reporter: it was a packed house at the smithsonian. it seemed everyone was there to meet the men who first got to do what no one in history had ever done before. >> since i was a kid i was excited and wanted to see them in person. it means a lot. >> reporter: andrea, the apollo
6:33 am
11 crew will be will be at the white house this oning and they will challenge president obama to fund a manned mission to mars so that americans can leave their footprint on the red soil of the planet. armando trull for 9 news now and >> i'm taking over for him. we looked also less closely. >> 40 years ago to the present. the crew of "endeavor" will be getting a wakeup call any minute. the good morning from houston was scheduled for 6:33 but the crew is sleeping in a bit. they will go on another space walk and be back at work trying to fix a broken toilet on the space station. two men are charged with the murder of a 19-year-old at a house party in sterling, virginia over the weekend. police say the 20-year-old alvar ready doe got in to a fight at the party with the victim and then say that 26- year-old nurse pulled a gun.
6:34 am
the victim was shot and died a short while later. deputies are withholding the victim's name until his relatives are notified. red line riders will deal with more delays. the national transportation safety board is continuing the investigation in to the june 22nd train accident near the fort totten station. beginning this thursday, the station will close at 10:00 p.m. for the investigation. it is unclear how long those night time closures will last but the shuttle buses will be back out. metro wants to hear from all of you bike riders out there. it is trying to figure out how handle demand from bikers and walkers to stations. metro is holding a meeting on wednesday night at 5:30. it is at metro headquarters 605th street in northwest. rnc chairman michael steel will begin his offensive against the health care plan of
6:35 am
president obama. one attack, showing the plan will add $240 billion to the deficit over the next decade. it is a point of contention for judd gregg but house speaker says there are cost-saving measures. >> did nothing in the outyears to retain the growth of health care costs thank you those were damning words to be honest with you. >> the fact is we will have a bill that will meet their needs and be paid for. we will not add to the deficit. that's a promise. we have that responsibility to the next generation. >> the president said he will only sign a reform bill which will lower health care costs in the long run. jessica doyle is joining us with another "living $mart" report. you have news about dangers at work. >> that's right. overall the number of work place deaths is on the decline but there is one exception to this trend. our partners at "usa today" report the number of hispanic workers who die on the job has
6:36 am
risen. in the latest data available, hispanic worker deaths increased from 533 in ' 92 to 937 in 2007. that represents a 76% increase. the greatest number of natalities occurred in the construction industry representing about 30% of the deaths. officials say more hispanics in the work force can account for some of the increase and officials from the afl-cio also blame lack of training, poor communication skills and exploitation of workers. the arlington -- has filed for bankruptcy protection. it comes after pulling the expansion plans. the lawyer representing the cinema n. draft house says business will con during the reorganization. lobster lovers, this news
6:37 am
is for you. the price of lobster is now cheaper than hot dogs forge hundred magazine says it crashed from a peak of $10 a pound in 2006 to $2.25 a pound today. the lousy economy is having devastating impact on luxury goods but that is good for us. because lobster tails are at harris teeter for $3 a piece. >> wow. that's incredible. >> really cheap. >> take advantage now. >> thank you. wal-mart reject an alternate site for the newest superstar in orange county, virginia. this time the retail giant said no to land two miles from the wilderness battlefield. preservationists feared it would be harmed by the construction. the retailer says it is the best place to build. the club of people who have been in space is a pretty elite group. we will be joined by one member next. and dr. fisher will be here
6:38 am
to share her memories of the ' 69 mondaying. right now our focus on virginia weather and traffic. we start with howard. start with live doppler hd. down 95 to the fasouthwest of fredericksburg and spotsylvania, west of 95 to lake anna louise we have a few light showers. could be there in the next hour. as far as temperatures are concerned we have running in the 60s in the west to 70 here in washington. we have 61 in culpeper. and 57 in winchester. better chance of showers to charlottesville. a couple of showers here and there with highs in the upper 70s to lower 80s. hello, angie goff. >> a look at the virginia roads beginning with 66 eastbound. we are clear from cedar lane to 495. but below speed. on 395 from duke to the 14th street bridge. what is going on? it is smooth sailing. we are flying the toll road
6:39 am
where i'm tracking a 16 minute commute as you make your way from route 2208 the capital beltway. it is 6:38. 9 news now will be right back on the other side of this break. /d
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back with the living green tip. you can lose as much as 7,000- gallons of water a year due to evaporation. that's enough to sustain one of us for 29 years. and a pool cover will help to cool the water that much more quickly. just click on living green. 6:43. we have been telling you today is the 40th anniversary of the moon landing. here to share her memories we are joined by anna fisher.
6:43 am
she's an astronaut the the mother of kristin fisher. dr. fisher good to have you with us. not only are you an astronaut bethe din inioctof being the first mother inio space. talk about that. because you flew your first mission on. look at you with little kristin. >> oh, yes it was a hectic time of my life but kristin says being the rsfit fimother in spa i owe it all to her. >> your crew found out when you were going to be a mom. >> i found out i was assignedded to my crew two weeks before i delivered isn.ti it was a challenging year to n.y the least. >> and kristin's dad is a doctor. you are a doctor. he was an astronaut also. how challenging was that just going off and leaving your young daughter and flying in to space? >> it was very hard but i was fortunate. we had a wonderful young lady who is still a wonderful family friend who was taking care of
6:44 am
kristin and my mom came and helped the last six weeks. i had a lot of good support your next mission was cancelled because of the challenger disaster. >> i thought of the danger but being part of nasa to me was worth it. i thought the risk was relatively small and i knew bill was there if anything happened to me but you couldn't help but not think of it. >> what your role with nasa today. >> today i work with our procedure and training and i have been involved with getting ready to determine how we will train the new class of astronauts we just selected because they will be the first class not trained to go on the shuttle, just the space station. >> everybody is talking about buzz aldrin's statement. he had a piece in the "washington post" where he said our quest should not be for the moon because it is a dead end. a poor location for homesteading. the challenge should be going to mars. are we ready for another challenge and would you like to
6:45 am
be part of the mission. >> i'd love to go to mars but i don't think that will happen in my career any way. i guess i feel slightly differently. i think going to the moon is important because i think that that is where we will listen the techniques and things we need to go on to mar. i envision a little effort with building a base, something similar to the research area in antarctica and learning how to practice medicine and grow our own food and with that experience going forth to mars. >> i see the excitement in your face and talking about food and medicine. it is a living thing, not just some part of history going to the moon or mars or in to space. there are practical applications here on earth. >> yes. a lot of things we do here in telemedicine and things like that we learn directly from the space program. >> thank you very much for your contribution to the space program and for your contribution to our newscast, kristin fisher. >> thank you.
6:46 am
>> pleasure to meet you. >> thank you so much. >> go to howard now. the hottest temperature on record for this day is 106. thankfully not anywhere close to that. i think we have at least a chance of something isolated much of the week. mostly cloudy and humid this morning. 60s and 70s. in the the shenandoah valley, 70s there. and mostly cloudy this afternoon. not going to be everywhere or all-day rain. highs in the lower 80s tonight a chance of an isolated shower. in the 60s with northeast winds five to ten and the clouds will be there. not much in the way of 50s. watching activity from south carolina in to virginia. you see it is just pockets of
6:47 am
it. a little here and there, back in west virginia. but i focus on spotsylvania, west of 95 now. here's fredericksburg and you see route 17. still south of that. but this is lifting to the north northeast. stafford not out of the way. and watch out you could see a couple of showers over the next little while. talk about what happened overnight. a lot of clouds. a few breaks. this morning mostly cloudy conditions out there. a little bit of haze. the humidity is up to 71%. the dew points in the low 60s now. the temperature at reagan national is at an 70 degrees. high pressure in new york state. low pressure in the carolinas giving us a east northeast flow. that is bringing in the moisture at the lower levels and so those showers which are moving south 0 to knot. we will have unsettled pattern. not terribly but slightly unsettled pattern for several days to come.
6:48 am
that will keep temperatures down. highs in the 80s anion 70s in the mountains and areas to the west. tonight only around 80. new york tore boston more rain there than here. and highs in the lower to middle 70s. the seven-day forecast, 82 this afternoon. could be a shower in a few spots. tomorrow a shower or thunderstorm, 80. wednesday an isolated storm and 86. again storms are possible on thursday. friday and saturday isolated storms and the heat picking up sunday. weekend temperature could be in the 90-degree mark. angie goff, stepping in with traffic. >> that's right. i hope your coffee is brewing. drink it up. it will be a great day. a couple of live cameras for you beginning with a live shot of 270 southbound. heavy volume in our regular lanes from montross to the split. moving that shot over to the outer loop from 95 too georgia. that delay has set in. we are crawling along and estimating this at 10 to 15
6:49 am
minutes. in virginia, 95 northbound monitoring that crash activity at route 1 woodbridge. from the prince william parkway to the accident scene, that drive time is 12 to 15 minutes. to 66 eastbound. a 40 minute drive from u.s. 15 to the memorial bridge. and finally we are going to fly the dulles toll road as you make your way from 28 to the capital beltway. you are looking at 15 to 18 minutes. that's the latest look at traffic. now over to you. today michael vick finishes paying his debt to society. the former nfl star will be released from his home confinement. this is video from his trial in 2007. he was convicted for his role in the dog fighting ring. he spent the last two months at his home in hampton, virginia. he will now be allowed to attempt an nfl comeback if the chigger allows him. it is hard to find anyone who likes speed cameras across
6:50 am
the region but not many people would take matters in to their own hand. someone vandalized the cameras in takoma park. the computers running the cameras were damaged. police are investigating. the amount you pay for gas is going down fast. these are the numbers just out this morning from aaa. here in the dc area, regular grade gas is averaging $2.45 a gallon, down 18 cents in the last month and a nickel in the last week. nationwide the average is $2.47 a gallon. in sports, it took four extra holes before someone one the british open. >> stuart cink is the major champion. >> he beat tom watson in the playoffs. both finished the tournament at two under. in baseball the nationals remain winless in the jim riggleman era. the cubs scored seven runs.
6:51 am
and the nats lose 11 -- 11-3 and host the mets tonight. the time approaching 6:51. 70 degrees here at the information center. the taliban releases video of a u.s. soldier held captive in three minutes how the soldier's family is rehacking. coming up on the "early show," remembering amoll low 11. neil armstrong's historic mission on the moon and why he since stepped out of the pilot. and buzz aldrin will be here live on the "early show."
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here's what is in the news now. the family of the u.s. soldier kidnapped by the taliban says it is praying for his safe return. bowe bergdahl was taken three weeks ago. his kidnappers just released a video of him three days ago. secretary of state hillary clinton is in india meeting the country's leaders. while in new delhi she said they need to work together to bat approximately climate change. the apollo 11 astronauts will be honored at the white house today. the three appeared last night at the air and space museum. today marks 40 years since the first moon landing. the humidity is up and a mostly cloudy day with a chance of a couple of showers. right now 70 in washington.
6:55 am
you are watching 9 news now.
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harry potter and the half blood prince won big this week in the movies. the first five days it brought in $159 million and $240 million from overseas. not a bad weekend at all. it is the best start in the movie franchise's hiss history. here is something free for on the. the screen on the green kicks off on the national mall. it is close encouldn'ters of the third kind. great for this anniversary. it begins between 4th and 7th street. >> i could use that green on my traffic report. i want to go go go but unfortunately looks like we are crawling along as we look at
6:59 am
the outer loop. 95 to georgia a ten minute drive. 3 inner loop 30 minute prosecute springfield to college park. 270 southbound heavy montross to the beltway and look at the trip through northeast dc. inbound new york avenue. a lot of traffic, however, despite the look at the shot from the times building 0 bladensburg. a shower or two today, tomorrow, wednesday, thursday. temperatures rising. by the week we could be talking 90 degrees with a chert chance of storms on sunday rather than saturday. wall street is looking at a higher open, maybe as much as 60 points on the dow jones industrial average. >> the "early show" has more on the soldier captured by the the taliban. >> and more on walter cronkite and it is not too late to get a summer vacation deal. we will have great advice. get news around the clock anytime you want, >> thank you for bringing your mom


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